Adults Spend 2 Months Trying To Catch Escaped Dog, Then Send Little Girl To Try

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Anyone who has a dog knows that, while they are loving and gentle creatures, they can sense who they can and can’t trust. They seem to have a sixth sense, and immediately take to people who will care and love them, but immediately reject anyone who will cause them harm.

One foster dog needed a special touch to get her to come home after running away.

Daisy escaped from her home and was on the run just two days after she was adopted. People spotted her over the course of two months and fed her regular meals, but could never get her to come home.

All of her movements were tracked in the Hollister Animal Lost and Found Facebook group, though no one could get close to her. 

Then, all the adults decided to give a 6-year-old girl a shot at bringing Daisy back. The two had met while she was in foster care with Meghan Topping’s family. They hoped that Daisy would recognize the little girl and that she would be able to lure the pup out of the cold.

The little girl slowly approached the dog in a field. Daisy was hesitant at first, but as soon as the girl got on her stomach, the pup leaped up and came to her.

Her secret? Just playing with her, and showing her love!

Everyone who tried to bring Daisy home realized that all she needed was the gentle touch of a child. She was paired with another family with a little girl, and she seems as happy as can be!

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